We at Savi Customs would like to thank your company for your intrest in our award winning sublimated products.

Before orders can be released to production, new clients will will be required to provide a valid california resale certificate, A deposit or payment in full depending on the total value of your order and your company information.

Bulk Order

Orders that are placed by purchase order or online order form. When placing a bulk order payment terms are as follow:

- Bulk orders totaling more than $2000. A 50% deposit is due on order and 50% due before shipment of the product.

- Orders under $2000 require full payment when placing your order

- If shipping account is not provided shipping charges will apply and are charged to the Client. - Orders that are placed over your current credit limit will need the remainder paid before continuing production. Credit limit will only be provided on approval of terms

- Final payment must be made within 3 days of order completion. If payment is not made, your order will be shipped to your business at your expense and sent an invoice for the full amount including shipping.

- Orders that are for pick up must be paid for before product will be released.

Bulk production will include a 2% over under run policy. If any overages are produced up to 2% of the total order quantity, they will be added to your order and included in your shipment.
On-Demand Orders

Orders that are placed via on-demand platform.

Customers will be required to sign up for Wallet. A wallet can be kept in incraments of $500 $1000 and $2000. This is a credit that will be kept on your account and deducted from as orders are shipped.

When you wallet is running low you will be sent a payment link to replenish your on-demand credit along with a statment of what your previous Wallet amount has paid for.

Please note, if payment is not made within 5 business days of link being provided your orders will be placed on hold until paid.

If you would like to cancel your on-demand service with us at anytime. Products in production will be charged to your Wallet ballece and the remaining ballence will be refunded to your payment card within 3 to 5 business days of cancelation.

Payments are accepted in 2 methods:

1.Credit Card Payments

Credit Card payments will be processed using a third-party processing account with SQUARE for secure online transactions and will incur a small transaction/processing fee.

Credit card payments will incur a processing fee of 3.2% on the total charges to cover the costs of the credit card transaction.

Credit card transactions are processed at least once per day and orders are released for production upon payment in full.

2. ACH Payments

ACH payments are processed daily

ACH payments can take up to ten (10) business days to process depending on the Client''s banking institution and the time of payment, however will typically take between two (2) to five (5) business days. Orders can be released for production upon receipt of the ACH payment.

Savi Customs does not apply fees to ACH payments.
Pastdue Payments

If your account becomes past due your account will be subject to the following:

- No new orders will be entered in to production.

- All orders in processs will be placed on hold until payment has been made.

- If your statment is not paid after 90 days your account will be considered closed and will loose all terms, discounts, service exceptions, made with Savi Customs accounting.

- Client will pay an assessed 2% interest rate per month for late payment.

- If client fails to pay invoices past 120 days, the client will be sent to collections. All costs assosiated with collections included but not limited to unfinished products in process, artwork fees and shipping fees will be billed to the client.

Clients are responsible for all taxes on the products delivered to Client. Client accounts must provide valid California tax exemption ID, such as Resale certification before production may begin. Savi Customs will not be responsable for unpaid taxes by the client.

Terms will only be granted on accounts receiveable approval and after meeting the below requirements. On approval of terms the client will be granted a credit limit. If an order exceeds the credit limit of what has been granted, the ballance after meeting the limit will be due upon order.

- Must fill out a credit application located here.

- 10 or 15 terms will be granted on credit approval.

- 30 day terms will only be granted with an account history of $50,000 of total business per 1 calandar month and with payment history in good standing.

- Credit limit will be provided and based on account history. A credit limit amount can be requested but must be approved.

Bulk Orders

Orders that are placed by purchase order or online order form.

Standard production time on bulk ordering is 15 to 20 business days after artwork approval

- Production time on bulk orders will be quoted on placing your order and based on current production capacity

- Production times are based after artwork approval and do not include: Artwork proofing, product sampling on-demand setups
On-Demand Orders

- On-Demand Core Items - 7 to 10 business days

- On-demand Plus Items - 10 to 14 business days

Art and Setup

Initial Proofing

- 72 business hours after order entry

Creative Design

3 to 5 business days after order entry

On-Demand Product Registration

72 hours after submission

Product Sampling

5 to 10 days after approval ( limit 2pc )
Rush Production and Fees

At request orders can be rushed depending on capacity with the following terms:

- A 20% increase of the product total regardless of order quantity will be added to bulk orders that are requested in a less than 15 to 20 business day production time.

- Sublimated products will not be produced in any less than 7 business days unless otherwise agreed upon.

- Orders totaling 100pc and above will not be rushed unless otherwise approved. - On-demand orders are not available to be rushed
On-Demand SLA and Product Agreement

Depending on the product and it's complexity, each product will be quoted by program within a 7 to 14 business day production time.

Terms for on-demand production will be subject to the following:

- If product is released before setup has been completed (3d rendering, Layout process and sku assignment) Savi Customs will not be responsable for delays in production.

- If order is lost, stolen or returned due failure of delivery, re-ship costs will be billed to you the client.

- If order is outside of SLA terms, order can be expedited at request at ground rates.


Designing a product's graphics from scratch, an idea, creative design or re-creation of graphics from a clipping or the web that were not provided in vector or camera ready format

Cost: $55.00 per hour
Initial proofing time: *3 business days from order being received

This process usually takes about an hour but can take up to 5 to 7 hours depending on the complexity and how many changes are made

*Additional proofing time may be needed depending on complexity. Quoted art time is not guaranteed and is based on initial review of graphics. If more time is needed or if graphics provided are not usable, you will be notified before proceeding past the quoted timeline

Art only or mock up requests that result in cancellation or no PO for production will be charged

Equivalent to a screen or die charge. This process relays the customers or your own art from the proof to our pattern parts that will make the product in all sizes. This is a separate process than an art charge.

Full custom Design

$49.00 per design
Waived with order of 100pc per design

Semi custom Design

Using a design that has been setup for on-demand or has already been set up for a previous order with modifications or additions

$35.00 per design*

*Limited to adding or removing graphics to the design. Changes to the base graphics of an already setup design will result in a $20 fee

On-Demand products

$20.00 per design (3d flats included)

Note: If a design is set up and not used for on-demand, an additional charge of $49.00 will be billed

Pre Production Samples

Pre-Production samples can be requested and sent out at piece price of the current purchase order. If not included, these will be added to the current purchase order.

Orders over $5,000 will require a pre-production sample before moving to full production unless waived. If pre production sample is waived, you the customer will assume all responsability for graphics placement and color.

Production samples that result in cancellation or no purchase order being issue for production will be charged at cost.


Orders requiring Savi Customs to use our shipper account will be quoted at standard rates and approved before shipment of the final order.

If you would like to use your shipper account, please provide this on placing the order.

If order is to be palletized a $65.00 palleting charge will be applied to the invoice per pallet.

On-Demand products

- Unless otherwise specified Savi Customs will use our stocked packing and shipping matierials.

- Carrier and delivery service will be selected by savi customs to find best cost for selected service level.

Labeling Hang Tag application

- Hang Tag application - .14 cents per piece

- Barcoding - .12 cents per piece

- Provided barcoding .10 cents per piece

Custom Packing

- Will be quoted per application depending on complexity.

Order Cancelations

An order may be cancelled before payment without incurring charges to the Client. Once an order has entered production and incurs any cost the order can not be canceled at anytime.

Savi Customs will hold unshipped items for a period of twelve (12) months, and/or until directed by Client to ship. Shipping charges will only apply at the time of shipment.

Savi Customs quality is guaranteed upon arrival of the product to the end user. Savi Customs will accept manufacturning defects or design errors under the following cercomstances:

- Defects must be reported within 7 business days of receiving your order. If past 7 business days a new order or re-order will need to be placed at cost.

- Defects must include photo proof through product replacement form via submfg.com. Link Here.

- Product will not be replaced due to being misused, damaged or incurring shipping damage.

- Replacments can not be changed in size, renamed or switched out for another product.

Design Disputes

On the clients approval of the provided proof designs are deemed ready for production and will be produced to the best of Savi Custom's ability to replicate the proof provided.

If the Client has a disupte with the final production of the product, the product can be discounted or remade under the following cercomstances:

- Graphics or logos are missing or misplaced.

- Color does not match PMS values provided. Note: If PMS values are not provided colors will be matched to screen and are not be applicable for replacement.

- Wrong fabric or product was used in production.